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Dino Rosin Murano

19 Mar Dino Rosin

Dino Rosin established his atelier to carry on his late brother, Loredano Rosin’s legacy. Loredano Rosin belongs to the last generation of Murano glass masters, who were trained in the ancient artisan tradition. Loredano together with Dino Rosin learnt the secret of production of calcedonia, one...

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luigi onesto oball

27 Jan Luigi Onesto Oball

[dropcaps type='square' font_size='' color='' background_color='#000000' border_color='']V[/dropcaps]etreria Oball was established in 1970 in Murano, Italy. The founding father Luigi Onesto was one of the greatest Murano glassmakers in Italy. He dreamed his artworks and then out of the molten glass he created his dreams. Working with the...

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vetreria badioli

07 Oct Mario Badioli in Murano

[dropcaps type='square' font_size='30' color='' background_color='#000000' border_color='']M[/dropcaps]ario Badioli (the Picasso of Murano glass) is one of the best contemporary glass masters is the lagoon of Venice, Italy. The Vetreria Badioli most famous Venetian Picasso Head Collection is homage to the great artist Pablo Picasso. In similar vein...

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vetreria oball

07 Oct Vetreria Oball in Murano

[dropcaps type='square' font_size='24' color='' background_color='#000000' border_color='']T[/dropcaps]he famous Luigi Onesto master glassblower inspired his sons at an early age to join him in his atelier, Vetreria Oball. Fabio and Michele followed in their father’s footsteps and mastered the art of sommerso glassmaking. They inherited the courage...

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Fratelli Pitau

07 Oct PMG Vetreria Artistica Fratelli Pitau

[dropcaps type='square' font_size='' color='' background_color='#000000' border_color='']F[/dropcaps]ratelli Pitau is a family run atelier established by the Pitau brothers in 1964 in Murano, Italy. The Pitau brothers were skilled master glassblowers, who wanted to offer a sanctuary of beauty to the world. They didn’t want to design...

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