Dino Rosin - Calcedonia Murano Glass
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Dino Rosin

Dino Rosin established his atelier to carry on his late brother, Loredano Rosin’s legacy.

Loredano Rosin belongs to the last generation of Murano glass masters, who were trained in the ancient artisan tradition. Loredano together with Dino Rosin learnt the secret of production of calcedonia, one of the oldest and rarest types of glass. Art pieces made in calcedonia are among the most treasured holdings of museums. The brothers used this ancient and historical glass to produce handmade sculpture of modern style and design.

Emotion, tension and form inspired Loredano and Dino Rosin’s creations. Their sculptures stressed the elastic possibilities of glass to express emotions without using the traditional Muranese chromatic palette. As Loredano Rosin once stated “One must not play with colors, as colors confuse the form”. He used the qualities of light and form to enhance the purity of his subject without the distraction of shades or decorations. The mysterious calcedonia accentuated the form and gave a unique touch to it.

The work of Rosin brothers as glass sculptors was much more flexible and organic than the works of their predecessors and contemporaries. They worked with the weight and fluidity of the molten glass to achieve the final form that was in their mind, rather than fighting against the innate qualities of the material. The glass artworks of the Rosin brothers are truly unique masterpieces.


Artwork Style

Calcedonia Sculptures
Dino Rosin Arte Studio