Vetreria Badioli - Murano Glass Sculptures
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Mario Badioli in Murano

Mario Badioli (the Picasso of Murano glass) is one of the best contemporary glass masters is the lagoon of Venice, Italy. The Venetian Picasso Head Collection is homage to the great artist Pablo Picasso.
In similar vein to Picasso, Mr. Badioli, first learnt the rules of Murano glassmaking and then broke them like an artist. Through experimentations he kept pushing his own boundaries to learn how to do things, which he could not do.

Out of the passionate play with sand and fire, he created something unique. Mr. Badioli uses liquid glass to give form to his imagination. Everything he imagines becomes real and makes people think. Think beyond the obvious and discover new shores.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life - Pablo Picasso

The Venetian Picasso Head Collection takes you on a wonderful journey that gives an inspiration to the soul.

Some of the unique pieces of the Venetian Picasso Head Collection can be viewed in our Gallery.

Please note, that we do not sell artworks on our website, we only honor the artists.

In case you would like to purchase one of the artworks of Vetreria Badioli, we advise you to visit the official online sales partner of Mario Badioli.

Murano Glass, Picasso Head Sculpture